Command Attention With Jaw-Dropping Vocal Tonality,
Storytelling Skills, and Side-Splitting Humor


Friday, June 15th at 11:59 PM PST, that's in...


The Closest Thing to Magic Pill Attraction You'll Ever Find

Yo, it’s ya boy Jeffy.

Has this ever happened to you?

You approach a group of people and attempt to strike up a conversation... only to have them COMPLETELY IGNORE YOU.

Maybe they didn’t hear, you think. You repeat your opening line again, this time in what you think is a louder voice.

They continue their conversation as though you weren’t even there. Literally, you have failed to even enter into their consciousness as a being worthy of recognition.

Without skipping a beat the person you addressed turns their back to you and keeps talking to their friend, leaving you standing there looking like a fool.

People won't even LOOK at you...

Meanwhile, other people (that are maybe even less "conventionally attractive") roll up, yell idiotic nonsense and everyone loves them. It's really not fair, because you've actually put in WORK at this whole "socializing" thing. You've seen your peers be successful, so you know it's possible... but for some reason, you can't even get past the INITIAL INTRODUCTION.

You know the techniques. You've seen every video on the topic, but for some reason you just can't seem to get past that initial approach with anything resembling consistency.

At this point, even a "fuck off" would be a good reaction, because at least then they'd be acknowledging you as an actual human being. Right now, they're reacting to you as they would a potted plant or a piece of furniture. At best you're a fly that they swat away in annoyance. For all intents and purposes, you're invisible.

After so much rejection, you begin to walk through the world in fear. In a LITERAL state of terror and anxiety.

You shuffle around, intermittently struggling up enough courage to do another half-assed approach that you don't even expect to work. This time they ask you to repeat yourself twice, and it's all downhill from there. They say, "Nice to meet you," and excuse themselves to the restroom. And this is the cycle. The downward spiral, stifling you more and more.

It's not just at the club either. At work, you're an easy target, someone to be steamrolled and talked over during meetings. Or maybe you find yourself in the room with the right person to help your business and you can't give your pitch without cringing at the sound of your own voice. Even at family gatherings or nights out with friends you just can't seem to get a word in edgewise, and your opinions are just kind of dismissed.

You might as well be MUTE.

You're filled with creativity and personality but something is in the way of you being able to share that with the world. Your desire to engage, to connect, to express yourself, all of that is somehow being blocked and shoved down and twisted into a grotesque lump of shame and fear. You're locked in some kind of abstract prison of your mind, alone in solitary confinement and it's driving you slowly insane.

I know the pain. It was exactly how I used to feel back when I first started out.



That Pill is RESONATOR.


Imagine Multiplying Your Results With Socializing 10X.

Can you imagine what your life would be if you could get 10X better results than what you are getting right now? Regardless of how "beginner" or " advanced" you are? How fulfilled you would be? How relaxed you would be? How happy would you be?

It's simple mathematics: if you get 10X more attention, you get 10X more chances to get better, and 10X more shots on the goal.

Well now imagine if that number went up to 20, or 30!

When I perfected this elusively obvious part of my skill, I experienced these massive jumps in progress. A whole new world opened up where all the techniques in my arsenal finally started RESONATING.

People were not only looking at me differently, they were ONLY looking at me...

It's THAT COMMON of a thing to happen.

And with Resonator, you can experience CRAZY leaps in skill rapidly... I see it in my students ALL THE TIME.

I have packaged this program to be turn-key, instant, easy and effortless... all you have to do is engage with a series of exercises, and BOOM, it is fixed.

It is literally, the closest thing to "magic pill attraction" that you are going to find from Real Social Dynamics, EVER!


  • You're somebody who can't maintain attention when you approach others...
  • You routinely get people turning away from you off the open
  • You regularly get the crinkled "why are you talking to me" face and an accompanying "WHAT?" off your open...
  • You’re having problems with your voice…
  • You want to learn humor…
  • You want to learn storytelling…

If You’re A Beginner Resonator Will…

  • Build a rock-solid foundation for you to grow from.
  • Take LIGHT YEARS off your learning curve, by gaining more natural and authentic attraction and positive engagement with those you come into contact with.
  • Hone your focus in on what MATTERS! (forget about the crazy routines and advanced jargon for now, let's ingrain the powerful fundamentals that 80% of your results will come from).

If You’re Intermediate Resonator Will…

  • Be a MASTERCLASS in SUB COMMUNICATION, teaching you how to pair your current knowledge of socializing with potent underlying delivery dynamics.
  • Tighten up your sloppy execution and shine a light on the last few sticking points that are holding you back from becoming ADVANCED.
  • Give you a fighting chance on your "off nights". By implementing Resonator principles your baseline attractiveness will rise and ensure you always have a chance to turn a bad night into glory IF YOU HANG IN THERE!

If You’re Advanced Resonator Will…

  • Give you the EDGE you need to outshine every other person with at the bar. Own the space with your projection and volume and you will own everyone in it.
  • Put the finishing touches on your near flawless skills, giving you the chops to step up to the most attractive people in any venue and instantly smash through their shields and blas attitudes.
  • Open doors to new levels of attraction you may have never experienced. Instantaneous, deep connections resulting in legendary shenanigans are now well within your new reality!

So Why Am I The Man For The Job?

I’ve been public speaking since 2002. When I go on stage, I want to create a powerful experience that gets people engaged in our material so they leave feeling absolutely inspired and motivated.

When I’m speaking, I take you to another state of consciousness with just with my VOICE.

I use the same techniques when I'm out on the town... sometimes I'm loud, other times I speak quietly. When I approach someone and say "GOOD EVENING," they immediately look me in the eyes - they're locked in. They're intrigued, waiting to see what I'm going to say next. They can't get enough of my stories. They're laughing their ASSES OFF, feeling all the good emotions that come with that laughter and associating those feelings with ME.

It’s on… and you know what comes next. (Hint: it’s rated M for “Mature”)

Thing is, I didn't always have this verbal firepower. When I first started going out, I'd blurt out these meek little openers and people would look at me like I was a complete LOSER.

And frankly, I WAS.

Even when I started getting success, I'd often find myself unable to battle the loud music, the lights and the alcohol for their attention.

Now my energy cuts through all of that like a hot katana through warm butter...

Bottom line: I learned how to project the hard way - in the trenches. And even after I learned to speak confidently and be engaging, it took years to learn the SCIENCE behind the art. I added these professional secrets to my own "vocal street smarts" to take things to the next level, and the results have been insane.

The point is, I GET IT. Through nearly two decades of socializing with strangers almost every single night (and coaching my clients to do the same), I now have a complete understanding of tonality, sub communication and projecting an energy that RESONATES.


Often, my students say the exact same things I say VERBATIM, but it just doesn't work. That's because 93% of communication is nonverbal. It's not just the words you say - your tonality and physiology play MASSIVE parts in your communication. This program gives you full access to that 93%.
Stop focusing on the words. Your RESULTS will come from your tone, energy and vibe!

Now, when I first began talking about Resonator, I noticed guys making comments like, "This is a JOKE, sure Jeff's got good vocal projection, but how the hell is he qualified to actually TEACH this stuff?!"

The truth is, I’m NOT.

That's why I partnered with Susan Nance, a professional, classically trained Vocal Coach with over 40 years of experience, to develop the vocal projection section. I wanted to bring the best of both worlds: the raw "in field" experience as well as the academic knowledge when it came to perfecting vocal projection.

With this dynamic duo, you have IT ALL... the science and the streets. We come together to deliver these lessons through a unique lens that NO ONE has ever explored.

So, let's get down to brass tacks.
Resonator is divided into three main parts
stacked on top of each other like a pyramid:


The foundation of the program centers on how to develop POWERFUL and HEALTHY vocal projection. Getting this area handled will accelerate your progress in every area of the pyramid and your game.

Over the course of this section, Susan runs me through a comprehensive examination of the topic complete with interactive exercises that address every angle and minute detail of what goes into having a powerful voice. In turn, I bring my own experience to the table as we discuss the ramifications each new discovery has for meeting new people, and share that with a live audience, bringing folks up to run them through each exercise until we've addressed their internal issues. You see it all happen live and you're right there with us.

Everything about your communication starts with POSTURE and ALIGNMENT.

If you've followed my content for a while, you might have heard of the Alexander Technique. Most people think of this as a way to fix their POSTURE, but don't realize it was developed to fix a VOCAL problem.

Using the Alexander Technique, you'll learn to achieve a confident neutral posture (both sitting and standing) that projects freedom, strength, awareness and choice, and sets you up PHYSIOLOGICALLY to project your voice.

As we go through this section we pinpoint and learn to avoid low-consciousness states that result in unattractive and unhealthy posture.

You will learn how to systematically release holding patterns of fear and anxiety that cause stiff, locked posture that telegraphs all the wrong things to other people.

Once you grasp these keys, your breath will be freer, your voice louder and fuller, you'll feel open, confident and even taller.

If Posture is the Foundation of Vocal Projection, Your
BREATH is the Fuel.

So as we move through section 1, you’ll learn foundational breath management techniques to give you clarity of intent and keep you grounded in the present moment, even after a bad rejection.

Most people have no idea why their voice is hoarse and damaged by the end of a night out. In this section you'll find out why this happens, and learn how to prevent it from ever happening again. No more laryngitis and scratchy voice.

You've probably heard the conventional wisdom about vocal projection that says "speak from the diaphragm" - I'm going to show you what this ACTUALLY MEANS, and how to train yourself to do it without even thinking.

Once those are dialed, we get into the nitty gritty of the actual TONE PRODUCTION

Here, Susan and I will teach you the SCIENCE of your vocal anatomy so you know EXACTLY what’s going on when you speak and how to train each part of your vocal apparatus.

I’m going to show you how to find your perfect speaking range that’s both powerful and effortless. The aim here is to expand your toolbox and give you different OPTIONS in your approach. The environments we meet and interact with people in are dynamic so you need those options, and you’ll get them all in SECTION I.

We’re going to identify different voice types and find which one is best for you - which are you currently using and which one you SHOULD BE using.

Uncover how to use melodic tonality to achieve a hypnotic, charismatic effect, as opposed to a FLAT and BORING one that turns people off and makes them BLOW YOUR ASS OUT.

Next comes the almost magical phenomenon called RESONANCE.

Once we know how to actually PRODUCE the sound, we can start to play with different tools to MODULATE it in order to generate a more compelling, charismatic, and just generally pleasing tone.

You'll learn secrets of voice amplification that essentially turn your mouth into a BULLHORN and let you GRAB their attention right off the bat.

Here, you will discover how to find your optimal vocal resonance and eliminate nasal tonality that rubs people the wrong way - BOUNCE the sound so it’s not only LOUD, but, again, pleasant to the ear and actually ATTRACTIVE.

Furthermore, I’m gonna show you how different sounds are produced in different parts of the mouth and how to manipulate them for maximum effect. Basically, you’ll learn how to COLOR in the auditory space with your voice.

And finally, at the end of this section I’ll give you several exercises to improve the CLARITY of your speech through articulation.

Then, I reveal the “secret sauce” that allows opera
singers to be heard over instruments without using a
microphone - it’s called RING.

Mastery of this technique gives you a very distinctive, brilliant, ringing quality to the timbre of your voice.

I’ll show you how to alter the shape and position of the larynx to create this LASER-like effect.

A small voice without ring simply won’t be heard over the music at your average bar or club. A small voice WITH ring will. So even if you don’t have a loud voice naturally, with this you can become loud enough to be heard and actually communicate your intent.

Once you’ve got this down, it adds a brilliance to your voice and opens the door to other important qualities like “spin” and “sparkle.” You’ll learn how to play with different variables to manipulate the sexual energy in your communication

Finally, we’re gonna bring it all together and learn how
nonverbals contribute to the perfect communication style. We will be

Gestures, facial expressions, pauses and tempo are all different variables - I’ll show you how use these to shape and create the exact EMOTIONAL nuance you want for your message.

How to get out of your head, stop being so LOGICAL and allow your natural charisma to come out.

I'll show you the power of FREE FLOWING, and why needing things to "make sense" is incredibly counterproductive to meeting new people in a nightlife environment.

Beyond all of this, you get a broad suite of vocal exercises on mp3 that you can engage with daily, any time and anywhere, to give your mind, body and voice the power you need to get maximum results. You can listen to them on your phone, and these techniques are easy to understand and immediately beneficial.

A top athlete would never run a race without warming up first, it’s the same for your voice - using these exercises as you head to the club will ensure you’re operating at the highest level possible.

These segments alone would be more than enough to solve most people's issues almost immediately. However...


When I first came up with the idea for Resonator, it was focused solely on voice. However my good friend Owen came to me and said, “Jeff, why not add even more value and take this thing to the next level? You’ve always been phenomenal at storytelling and using humor in your game, it’s what you’re known for, why not add those topics in as well?”

I realized he was right. I'm known for having solid VERBAL GAME, it's sort of my "thing."

Well, that and driving around in an old, dilapidated van... but I digress.

It struck me that I had never really explored those concepts in depth before, and so I got down to business and created some new content specifically for Resonator:


The ability to weave a compelling tale out of seemingly NOTHING is one of the most powerful tools I have in my arsenal when I'm out meeting new people. You might have heard this described as the "Million Dollar Mouthpiece"; the ability to just talk talk talk and never run out of interesting things to say.

If you struggle with this, it’s because you’re looking at things the WRONG WAY. And in this segment, I’m going to change the way you view this part of the game forever.

Look, I've said this before and I'll say it again: the number one rule of game is "change their mood not their mind." When I'm in the very beginning stages of a brand new relationship, I move them emotionally, not logically. People make decisions from an emotional space.

I'm a very average guy, in almost every way. There are a million guys that look like me on attractiveness level. Hell, there are a million guys that look FAR BETTER than me. Yet I’m still able to get results that are light years beyond the vast majority. And this is why…

You might have a strong, clear intent, they know that you want them to leave with you, they understand, but if they aren't emotionally engaged they just WON'T DO IT.

When you get them to share an emotional experience, it makes all the difference in the world.

Most people are in a BOX that constrains them from emoting properly. In this section I give you the key to break out of that box so you never JUDGE YOURSELF again.

Once you know this, your entitlement will come in line and you'll stop feeling stifled when you approach people who have very striking aesthetics and lots of people competing for their attention..

I'll show you how to become RELATABLE to these people, regardless of your background or your current situation.

You'll learn how to trigger an ATTUNEMENT in the listener so they can't help but engage with the things you're saying to them.

Powerful stories are always waiting to be born, but they also have to be perfected. After you watch this section, you'll understand that process, and be able to spin gold out of even the most boring material.

I talk about leveraging the power of vulnerability, and share a very deep and personal story from my past that illustrates this power in a huge way.

Ultimately, you’ll learn how to LET GO and share your emotional truth in a way that is completely irresistible.

And of course, it wouldn’t really be a Jeffy program without a solid dose of the funny funny ha ha. That’s why the next section of Resonator is:


Everybody says it: "I want a partner who makes me laugh"

It’s a universal fact.

Humor is at the top of the Resonator pyramid, because it is the SPICE that makes all the vocal training and the storytelling just POP.

They say laughter is the best medicine, but I can tell you from personal experience, it’s also the best aphrodisiac.

You might be thinking, “Well Jeff you’re a funny guy, I’m personally not like that. When I try to crack jokes, people don’t find them funny, or worse, they get OFFENDED.”

Lemme tell you something: I CERTAINLY did not start out with the ability to make people laugh.

Well, they were laughing AT ME, I guess. Lol

This was something I had to cultivate over time. And along the way, I discovered that there are RULES that govern comedy, and with practice, anybody can learn to dramatically improve their sense of humor. Comedy is a CRAFT.

If you’re not skilled at this, even the best joke can be ruined with poor delivery. In this section, I show you all the pitfalls to avoid.

You also get a variety of exercises that will help you to not only train your sense of humor, but also help you to LOOSEN UP AND LET GO in the club when you go out at night.

We’ll also talk about the absolutely crucial element of TIMING and how to master it.

I go through and list all of the different categories and types of humor, so you can find which one resonates most with your own personal style and hone it to a razor’s edge.

You’ll learn how to recover when your jokes BOMB, and how to come out looking like you actually MEANT to do that.

One thing people always ask me is, "Jeffy you're a bit of an aggressive, caustic fellow" don't you get in fights?... The truth is, I almost NEVER get into physical confrontations in the field because of my ability to defuse almost any situation with humor... and I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that in this section as well.

Most importantly I give DOZENS AND DOZENS of my personal best jokes and lines that I use in my interactions to move things forward in a fun and cool way, while I lead them back to my place for "the sexy times dot com."

So there you have it, the main pyramid sections of Resonator. These are going to instill in you the mechanics and know how required to make POWERFUL first impressions.

But I couldn’t stop there… every time I release a product, I feel compelled to dramatically over-deliver for my supporters…

Now, you are probably PUMPED to discover EXACTLY what’s inside Resonator, so without further ado…


In the alignment module, we use Alexander Technique to master you posture. After you have this down, your voice will boom effortlessly with a dominant, commanding tone that engages everyone in earshot.

  • Understand the physical element of vocal technique and how each part of your body contributes to your pleasant (or repulsing) voice.
  • If you have a strong voice, it will help you learn techniques to modulate it in a powerful and healthy way.
  • If you have a weak voice, we are going to unlock your ability to project so you are able to get heard, cut through, and be effective.
  • Discover “the primary control”, and see clear demonstrations of what good vocal technique ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE!
  • Uncover the “Startle Pattern Reflex”, and more importantly - learn how to use it to your advantage.

Breath Management

With Breath Management, we are going to learn to use proper breathing to add a powerful dynamic to our already solid projection. The breath fuels your projection, master it and NEVER run out of steam again.

  • Remove Low Level Anxiety & Release tension (this tension spreads to everything you do... from work... to home... to dating...)
  • Permanently eliminate state crashes, and prevent yourself from getting “stuck in your head” when going out.
  • Get to the root of who you are, and what you want… Find alignment between the words, the actions, and the internal self-talk.

Tone Production

Tone Production is where we dive deep into the SCIENCE of the voice mechanics and give you the technical understanding of HOW someone with a crisp, clear, and attractive voice uses their vocal gift to its full potential.

  • Understand the anatomy of how all of the physical elements come together in order to produce sound.
  • The difference between vocal folds and “false vocal folds”, and how they affect our speaking.
  • Learn to produce tonality that is warm, powerful, and will draw people closer to you with every word.


This section is where you will learn how to GET LOUD. We will also lead you through the process of finding YOUR unique resonance that matches YOUR voice. We will tap into your authentic sound so you aren’t straining to copy mine or someone else’s.

  • Play with resonance and use it to your advantage and PENETRATE the environment.
  • Project the sound more accurately to make sure that the person you are talking to ACTUALLY HEARS YOU.
  • Different sounds take place in different areas, that means if you don’t know what you’re doing - it’s going to sound WEIRD.


Ring is KEY in pickup. This is what will allow you to cut through club music and stand out over every other person at the bar with an untrained voice. Your new jokes and one-liners are going to hit with crystal clarity and the people you meet will have no choice but to pay attention to your engaging communication style.

  • Ring is the "secret ingredient", it will help you generate THE POWER YOU NEED to make a lasting impact on the people you're talking to.
  • Learn how to use Ring to cut through the noise, carry your voice, and project your voice in a powerful way.
  • This is why certain people in the club are engaging, exciting, and entertaining, and others are sitting around - almost invisible.


Here we explore a host of different tonalities and dissect what each tonality sub communicates about you. Do you want the approach to work? Are you needing an outcome? Are you authentically interested in who they are? People are very attuned to tonality and once you master it, you will always come across as non-needy and genuine.

  • Tonality is the difference between having an ANNOYING voice… and an ATTRACTIVE voice.
  • Find the “sweet spot” in your voice that is going to allow you to TRIGGER ATTRACTION and BUILD A CONNECTION
  • Dominate when you need to and go with the flow when it is in your best interest. Using tonality will allow you to use the full range of your expressiveness when you need it.

Emotion & Variance

People don't feel attracted to ordinary and monotone delivery. They love EMOTION. The want to FEEL the full scope of your personality. In this section I dish my tried and true methods for VARYING facial expressions, volume, space, gestures, tempo, tonality, pitch and more.

  • Manipulate volume, pitch, dynamics, and other aspects of your voice and delivery so they STAY ENGAGED.
  • Develop a knack for the use of Position, Proximity and Expression to trigger different responses from the people you approach.
  • Fine-tune the impression you have on the people around you - including manipulating tonality, tempo, facial expression, gestures, and other advanced techniques.

Conviction & Frame

In this section, we explore BELIEF. In every interaction between two people there are two underlying frames about what is happening and what is going to happen. The stronger of the two frames becomes reality. If you don't BELIEVE what you are saying is valuable, they won't.

  • Implant in your brain the mindsets and techniques that you can use to cultivate an unshakable inner belief in what you are saying.
  • Dominate your social scene by directing the group, making decisions, and LEADING the night where you want it to go. LEADERS get laid.
  • Build an "aura of awesomeness" around your character that draws others in like gravity.

Vocal Exercises MP3s

Take these audio exercises with you everywhere you go and develop your voice on the fly. Susan is going to run you through her proven exercises to strengthen your “instrument” and correct any damage that you have created from years of misuse and struggling to push air over the top of whatever Justin Bieber song is blaring at the club.

  • Tighten up your vocal prowess with simple, easy to execute exercises anywhere, anytime and on the go!
  • Get value out of those gaps in time you have each day by training your voice during errands, in the shower, driving, etc.
  • Warm up your voice on the commute to the club. Having these portable trainings will allow you to step into the club ready to wail like Pavarotti.

The Grammar of Storytelling

There is a set of rules that, if followed, will GUARANTEE that your audience will engage with you and want to hear what you are saying. This is is the ART of storytelling. In this section, we are going to dive DEEP down this rabbit hole and arm you with a the tools that professional speakers use to captivate and lead minds where they want them to go.

  • Enchant people with your engaging tales as you adjourn with them out of the party and to a more intimate location.
  • Use storytelling to highlight needed aspects of your personality. This section will teach you when and which stories to use to build comfort or spark attraction.
  • Storytelling is essential to HOLDING their attention in a stimulant rich environment. Use these techniques to keep their focus on you and stay in set long enough to give them the full sample of your personality.

Mastering Humor

Humor is VITAL to not only socializing but LIFE. Making people laugh is the fastest way to get people interested in you both socially and romantically. Don't think you are naturally funny? Don't worry, Mastering Humor will teach you to tap into your unique viewpoints to cultivate something authentic to you.

  • Disarm chodes, bouncers, unpleasant friends, ANYONE who is getting in between you and your beloved with hilarious jokes that are sure to diffuse any tense situation.
  • Make them crave your presence with your electric energy and fun vibe. After a couple minutes of laughing their ass off, they'll never want to leave your side.
  • Hook them with humor. Opening with something funny and self amusing is crucial to opening groups consistently. Use my time tested openers to blow group after group OPEN!


Come along with me and a student in the field as we weave Resonator tactics and technique into the fiber of his being. You will see precisely what NOT to do and the step-by-step process to conquering your hardwired "loser" sub communication.

  • See and hear all the subtle nuances of poor vocal tonality so that you are able to identify it in your own communication and immediately self correct.
  • Have the underlying Resonator concepts and theory "click" in your head as you see FAILURE along with my "why this went wrong" commentary.
  • Discover precisely how to loosen up and get out of your destructive patterns while you are out. I coach with practical steps literally anyone can do at the bar/club to stop their crappy night and kickstart it into an upward spiral.

Watch as I take a student with extremely poor vocal projection and humor, critique his approach, demonstrate the CORRECT way, and then walk him through the exercises until he gets RESULTS and GLORY. Along the way, I give detailed breakdown of exactly what’s going on.

The Power of Misdirection

In this section we take you to the streets to see a professional magician captivate imaginations through misdirection. The lessons here are going to teach you to control your audience's focus. This is ESSENTIAL if you want to create a "romance just happened" vibe.

  • Add some “spice” to your existing techniques and routines...
  • Teach you HOW THE MIND WORKS. Once you see a master magician direct focus, it will open your eyes to the possibilities for general socializing and taking things further.

Jeffy In Action

Witness Resonator techniques in action with me giving the detailed commentary every step of the way. Follow along from open to close and you will learn exactly how to ooze your authentically attractive self.

  • Hear and witness the master in his element so you know what is possible and what to shoot for with your own goals.
  • See with crystal clarity how EFFORTLESS attraction becomes once you get this handled. Seriously, attraction is easy, comfort is easy and escalation is a given.
  • Inspire the hell out of you to get your ass up and socializing. Once you see an old guy like me pulling this off, you will have ZERO excuses.

In this wonderful segment, I meet a charming young woman, and employing the vocal techniques outlined in Resonator, enchant her until she enthusiastically agrees to accompany me out of the club.

As with the previous clip, at key moments, I pop up in the corner of the video to FREEZE FRAME things and explain the underlying nuances at play, so you have a crystal clear idea of what a RESONATOR interaction looks like, why it works, and how you can go out and do the same thing THAT VERY NIGHT.

Bonus 1:

Karaoke Chronicles

This is a SECRET GEM within Resonator… we’re not going to tell you too much here, because when you see it, you will realize that this section is an ABSOLUTE TREAT.

PS: There is a “hidden gem” inside Jeff’s Epic Karaoke Chronicles… Get Resonator, and see if you can spot it!

Bonus 2:


Continue to cultivate your new skills by watching these three webinar recordings where I diagnose, expand on, and fix the common issues that the Resonator tribe is facing.

So, given all of this value, and how easy it is to actually integrate this stuff into your game ALMOST IMMEDIATELY, it doesn’t make sense for you to wait another day to get started with Resonator.

LITERALLY, just the vocal projection segments ALONE are worth many times more than the cost of the program.

If you were to actually travel and take the kind of vocal coaching lessons that are included here, it would cost you $1500 at the average hourly rate, and possibly a LOT MORE.

Even then, you'd be dealing with a vocal coach who has NO SPECIALIZATION IN SOCIAL INTERACTION, and who might even be actively AGAINST the idea. Haha.

Bonus 3:

Facebook & Telegram Resonator Group Membership

The Resonator Facebook and Telegram groups are exclusive and secret to only those who come on board the program. Post your questions, field reports, observations, tips, tricks, strategies and anything else that would be useful for the tribe. My team and I will be on there as well answering questions and providing feedback.

Bonus 4:

1 Free Day of Vegas Immersion Training

SMC Vegas Immersion is considered the Most Intense Long-Term Dating Coaching Course on Earth..

These guys GO HARD. Immersion is a 24/7 blitzkrieg of nightclubs, day game, pool parties, mansion madness, strip club training sessions and a host of other wild hijinks.

During the day you will develop your game with the immersion instructors at intimate workshops and daygame sessions. Then at night, you will put your new skills to the test at the BEST NIGHTCLUBS in the WORLD!

To claim this bonus, simply connect with the SMC Vegas Immersion Concierge, pick the day you will be in Vegas and you are set for Vegas glory.

Resonator is TRULY a "magic pill" because unlike other programs that contain 50 hours of abstract inner game ideas for you to mindlessly watch, this program brings together a series of simple and PRACTICAL vocal, storytelling and humor-developing exercises you can engage with for a short time to fix the issue once and for all.

Once you know this stuff it’s like discovering a superpower that you didn’t know you had before.

This is the reason why I can go up and BOOM get attraction from people easily, without doing anything that unusual. It just looks like I'm going up and saying, "Hi."

Look, people are making value judgements on you as soon as you open your mouth. In a matter of seconds they will decide whether they want to listen to you or not. If your voice is meek and uninteresting, like a CHILD'S VOICE, you're going to be dismissed instantly.

If they find your conversation BORING and HUMORLESS, they'll want to GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM YOU AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

Again, this is the SECRET KEY to hooking people's attention - if you can't get past the first few minutes of an interaction, 80% of the time THIS is the issue

The good news is this: there’s not a single person on the planet that can’t transform their voice into a powerhouse with the right training. You must let the bad habits fall away. Knowing what those bad habits are is half of it. Knowing the correct technique is the other half.

Guys Like You Pay $2000, To Have Me
Fix This FIRST On Bootcamp:

Recently, I had a student who couldn't hook attention to save his life. Approach after approach, he'd go up and the people wouldn't even acknowledge his existence. This made my blood boil, because not only was this student a normal, relatively good-looking guy, he was also a truly kind-hearted person. To see these people treating him like dirt was heartbreaking and infuriating.

But I knew what to do... because I'd done it before. I showed him how he was using his voice incorrectly, and also taught him how to unlock his inner potential to be EXPRESSIVE, FUNNY and most of all to ENGAGE and CONNECT with the people he was approaching.

On the third night of the program, he went home with someone special... then went down to the hotel bar afterwards, met someone else and went home with them too!

In a period of three days, this guy went from not even being able to get a group's attention, to hooking up twice in one night.

With a manly tear in my eye, I turned to my assistant and said, “THIS is why I do this job.”

I love it because I know the result.

This is a 100% true story. And the fact is, stories like this aren’t even that unusual on my programs. Like I said, I can do this without even thinking now. I’ve put in the work and figured out the code, and today I’m serving it up to you on a platter.

Fixing this stuff IMMEDIATELY improves your overall confidence, so much that it’s as good as going to years of therapy… for a fraction of the cost.

You’ll learn to recognize the hidden ways that society is conditioning you to speak in a weak, childlike voice, and we’ll install tools that allow you to fight that conditioning off, project EXPANSIVELY, and GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT.

As you will discover in the next section, Resonator has been irresistibly priced and is ready and waiting for you to devour.

I am excited as hell for you. This is the program to unlock all that theory and technique in your head and finally allow it to RESONATE.

Let’s start your training NOW!

So let’s recap the absolute value barrage that Resonator has in store…

Resonator Vocal Projection Suite $997
Daily Vocal Audio Exercises $297
The Grammar of Storytelling $497
Mastering Humor $497
Extra I: The Power of Misdirection (Street Magic) $197
Extra II: Student Coaching Infield With Breakdown $297
Extra III: Jeffy Van Pull From The Club $197
Bonus #1: Karaoke Chronicles $397
Bonus #2: Three Resonator Webinar Recordings $297
Bonus #3: Facebook & Telegram Resonator Group Membership PRICELESS
Bonus #4: Free Day of Vegas Immersion $800
Total Value $4,473

So after hearing about the monsoon of value that Hurricane
Resonator is about to rain down, you could expect it to carry a price
tag similar to other SMC Programs.

It doesn’t.

I battled with Papa to
offer this at a rock bottom limited time price of…



  • YOU SAVE 50%
  • Resonator 3 Hour Vocal Projection Suite
  • Daily Vocal Exercises (Audio)
  • Bonus #1: Karaoke Chronicles
  • Bonus #2: One Resonator Webinar Recording
  • Bonus #3: Resonator Tribe Membership
  • Bonus #4: Free Day of Vegas Immersion


  • YOU SAVE 50%
  • Resonator 3 Hour Vocal Projection Suite
  • Daily Vocal Exercises (Audio)
  • Bonus #1: Karaoke Chronicles
  • Bonus #2: One Resonator Webinar Recording
  • Bonus #3: Resonator Tribe Membership
  • Bonus #4: Free Day of Vegas Immersion
  • The Grammar of Storytelling
  • Recommended


  • YOU SAVE 50%
  • Resonator 3 Hour Vocal Projection Suite
  • Daily Vocal Exercises (Audio)
  • Bonus #1: Karaoke Chronicles
  • Bonus #2: One Resonator Webinar Recording
  • Bonus #3: Resonator Tribe Membership
  • Bonus #4: Free Day of Vegas Immersion
  • The Grammar of Storytelling
  • Mastering Humor
  • Student Coaching
    (Infield Footage & Breakdown)
  • The Power of Pattern & Misdirection (Street Magic Breakdown)
  • Jeffy Van Pull From The Club Infield Breakdown

To get this pricing, you have to ACT NOW. Prices will go up drastically very soon.

Inside Resonator YOU WILL:

  • Train your vocal variance and inflection with positive dominance and breaking rapport tonality so you can hook and spike emotions right off the open.
  • Give you the tools to dominate rival men in your environment by simply talking over them and being funnier. Never get “AMOGed” or out-gamed again.
  • Allow you to stand out in especially loud environments. The louder and the more hectic the club the BETTER! No other guy can rise above the environment, so you SHINE even brighter.
  • Spark attraction when you aren’t even talking to her! You can learn to project so loudly that nearby sets will notice you before you even open.
  • Keep your vocal cords healthy by implementing proper projection technique - thus keeping you at the top of your game for the long haul.
  • Ensure you ignite MASSIVE attraction with the certainty and conviction of your tone and character.
  • Help you gain control of your sub communication, so your outward projection to the women of the world is confident, engaging and seductively masculine.
  • Ensure you will never be IGNORED again! Avoid the harsh blowouts and state crashes that tank your entire night by commanding her ATTENTION with Resonator technique.
  • Train your voice to cut through the loud music at nightclubs and enchant the girl you have your eye on all the way back to the bedroom.

Let’s start hooking those sets, getting attraction, and ACTUALLY GETTING LAID TONIGHT!

Show her your BEST self and unlock your true potential with the opposite sex. Make your voice the ideal expression of who you want to be, and control the way others perceive you when you speak.

Resonator shows you how to be grounded and relaxed, even under pressure. You'll breathe and speak with your whole body. You'll discover how it feels to be fully engaged and value-giving as a speaker. And you'll develop increased awareness that encourages continual development.

The raw ingredients are there - let Resonator turn them into gold TODAY.


And of course, beyond that, we’re offering our 30 day money back guarantee.


At this point I’ve given you a taste for what to expect from this program, and it is designed to EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS that I’ve set for you here.

Sign up, and go through the program in its entirety. If you genuinely feel like it wasn’t worth 3x the value you paid, simply email within 30 days, and I’ll refund every cent. No hassles. No questions asked.

Sign up, and go through the program in its entirety. If you genuinely feel like it wasn’t worth 3x the value you paid, simply email within 30 days, and I’ll refund every cent. No hassles. No questions asked.

Now this probably sounds crazy, but it’s very real to me: I actually believe there is 10x+ the cost in value crammed into this program. So if you don't at least get 3x the value, I wouldn't feel right keeping your money.

At the end of the day, my goal is to give you ZERO IRRATIONAL EXCUSES to make this investment in yourself and get your game JUICED UP with this experience that’s going to transform the way you communicate forever.

You'll breathe and speak with your whole body. You'll discover how it feels to be fully engaged and value-giving as a speaker. And you'll develop increased awareness that encourages continual development of these skills.


Is this really a “magic pill”?   pill

I call it a magic pill because it is SIMPLE, EASY, EFFORTLESS and produces RESULTS. There are no crazy stages and hoops to jump through, just straight-up effective training that will supercharge your game in your spare time.

Isn’t it too expensive?

If price is your concern, I would challenge you to look at something vastly more valuable than money… TIME.

Really think about how much TIME you invest into meeting women. Let’s get you a return on that investment so you never have to worry about your love life again. Also, you owe it to yourself to get this handled while you are in the prime dating years of your life and you sex drive is still in full force.

Plus, you have the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Pull the trigger and if somehow it doesn’t deliver the goods (it will), you get every dollar back.

Can’t I just compensate with poor tonality with other aspects of attraction?

Hell no. It is really this simple… LOUD = LAID. Your sub communication ALWAYS shines through. You can’t mask or hide it; the girls will feel it and reject you if it is poor.

Wouldn’t another attraction focused product get me better results?

The techniques in Resonator are FUNDAMENTAL. 80% of your results is going to come from your fundamentals. Wasting time focusing on crazy advanced game concepts when you can’t hook consistently is precisely how you stagnate and make ZERO progress.

Won’t “GOING OUT A LOT” fix the issue?

Absolutely not. The old “practice makes perfect” saying doesn’t apply here. You need PERFECT practice. If you go out a lot with bad technique, you are going end up with permanently damaged vocal cords and your voice will be screwed.



  • YOU SAVE 50%
  • Resonator 3 Hour Vocal Projection Suite
  • Daily Vocal Exercises (Audio)
  • Bonus #1: Karaoke Chronicles
  • Bonus #2: One Resonator Webinar Recording
  • Bonus #3: Resonator Tribe Membership
  • Bonus #4: Free Day of Vegas Immersion


  • YOU SAVE 50%
  • Resonator 3 Hour Vocal Projection Suite
  • Daily Vocal Exercises (Audio)
  • Bonus #1: Karaoke Chronicles
  • Bonus #2: One Resonator Webinar Recording
  • Bonus #3: Resonator Tribe Membership
  • Bonus #4: Free Day of Vegas Immersion
  • The Grammar of Storytelling
  • Recommended


  • YOU SAVE 50%
  • Resonator 3 Hour Vocal Projection Suite
  • Daily Vocal Exercises (Audio)
  • Bonus #1: Karaoke Chronicles
  • Bonus #2: One Resonator Webinar Recording
  • Bonus #3: Resonator Tribe Membership
  • Bonus #4: Free Day of Vegas Immersion
  • The Grammar of Storytelling
  • Mastering Humor
  • Student Coaching
    (Infield Footage & Breakdown)
  • The Power of Pattern & Misdirection (Street Magic Breakdown)
  • Jeffy Van Pull From The Club Infield Breakdown